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Ricky Wilson: Boredom led to music

Ricky Wilson has revealed that boredom helps him make music.

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman said the band "needed to get bored" so that they could rediscover their hunger for writing again.

"After a couple of months [off] we got bored - then I got really bored, then mind-numbingly bored and that's when you start thinking about the fact you want to get up and do something again," Ricky told the BBC.

The Leeds band decided to take a hiatus following their homecoming appearance at last August's Leeds festival, but are now working on a follow-up to 2008's Off With Their Heads.

"I haven't felt this creative since we first started," Ricky continued.

"We're playing around at the moment, I'm sending Nick [Hodgson, drummer] words and lyrics in the mail. He's sending me CDs in the mail."

Ricky implored fans to be patient.

"There's no release date - what would be the point?" he said.

"It's funny, I read on the internet people are going, 'When is the new album coming out?' Give us a chance."


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