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Sarah Manners: Adrenaline junkie

The Bill's Sarah Manners has confessed to being an "adrenaline junkie" who loves speeding in her squad car and getting beaten up on the set of the ITV cop show.

The former Casualty actress plays PC Kirsty Knight, who shares her love of thrill seeking, and is relishing the action scenes.

Sarah said: "I get to do all the fast pursuit driving, which is extremely exciting - I haven't actually got to do that yet but within my first week of filming we got to put the blue lights on which I was being very childish about, you'd think Christmas had come early."

She went on: "Kirsty is an adrenaline junkie and so am I in fact. Shortly before I got The Bill I did a sky dive. I've done bungee jumps, I've done bridge swings, parascending and I like speed."

The 34-year-old even recalled one fight scene where she was begging to be hit harder.

She said: "I did a scene when I was kicked in the stomach. I had some padding on but the actor was huge and it's very difficult for an actor to kick or hit a woman, especially one who looks skinny like me.

"I kept on saying to him, 'Kick me, go on kick me, we need some impact', and we got one really good take but the camera didn't quite catch it so I said to the director, 'Go again, go on', and I got another big thwack in the stomach which actually winded me, but it's fine - you expect to have a few knocks and I'm all up for that."

:: Sarah Manners joins The Bill on ITV1 on Thursday February 18.


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