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Show gives Bryan Cranston wrinkles

Bryan Cranston has joked that filming Breaking Bad is giving him wrinkles.

The Emmy-winning actor plays former teacher-turned-crystal meth dealer Walter White in the show.

"When I first started this series I had no wrinkles on my face whatsoever - this is what happens!" he laughed.

Bryan took time out to meet fans of the US series at a special Q and A as part of the Paley Centre For Media's PaleyFest 2010.

"Oh my God, I am exhausted," he explained.

"Every night when I go home I can't wait, [when I'm filming] it's not only Walter running and dodging bullets, emotionally it's the anxiety level that he's carrying on his shoulders and you see it in his face."

The former Malcolm In The Middle actor said he's learned not to take that stress home.

"I have a ritual, at the end of every day I take two hot wet towels, moisturiser, and I take the make-up off and put the hot towels on my head and face and wipe all the energy away. Get rid of all of that bad juju!!"


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