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Slash: No return for Guns N'Roses

Slash says there is no chance of a Guns N'Roses reunion.

The guitar legend says he and frontman Axl Rose have been offered "hundreds of millions" to reform.

But he told GQ magazine: "During that last tour it was like an ongoing exercise in how we could bond the least, it just got worse and worse."

The pair have not spoken for 13 years, but Slash said: "It got to a point off stage where it was impossible for us to even be in the same room together and create any music.

"So it's sad that something so good doesn't exist any more, even though we're both still alive and on the same planet. But that's all."

Slash also confessed in the interview that he bedded "hundreds" of women.

Asked how many women he slept with during his wild days, he said: "It wouldn't be in the thousands, more in the hundreds, and probably not over 500".

And the star said he still had "fond memories" of Stoke-on-Trent, where he grew up.

He said: "I remember never being able to see across the street beause of the weather. Walking to school was like stumbing around like a blind man. It waw a very tight community, everyone knew each other. My grandmother made great mince pies and my dad would take me for long walks in the coutnryside. I loved it."

Slash now lives in LA, "across the street" from Robbie Williams, another Stoke-raised star.


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