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Tom Hughes hails Cemetery Junction

Cemetery Junction star Tom Hughes has said he doesn't think Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant can put a foot wrong.

The up-and-coming British actor stars in the comedy duo's new film, loosely based on Gervais' experiences as a young man growing up in Reading in the 70s.

Hughes gushed: "It was brilliant, Ricky and Stephen are fantastic, they're so well-known, and their track record is so good that you kind of expect them to keep doing it - they haven't really put a foot wrong and I don't think they will with this either."

But the young actor - who also appears alongside Andy Serkis in new Ian Dury biopic Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll - confessed it was sometimes daunting being on set with the co-writers of The Office and Extras.

He said: "They work together brilliantly. They're very very very very funny and I'm not much of a comedian so it's quite hard trying to compete with them on set."

He added: "Reading [the script] was one of the best things I've ever read and we had a lot of fun making it, and I think it went well, and the cast was fantastic.

"To work with Ralph Fiennes and Emily Watson and Matthew Goode, who was brilliant, and Ricky himself, and Francis McGee who played my dad was absolutely mind-blowing.

"It was a real experience to me, a bit of a gift really to get a part like that and working with such great people."


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