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Tulisa tweets about nose operation

Tulisa Contostavlos had a novel way of getting through surgery - by updating her Twitter followers as she went under anaesthetic.

The N-Dubz star had a lump removed from her nose in case it affected her voice, according to The Sun, and Tulisa posted a series of tweets to let fans how she was getting on.

"Sooo scared!Have 2 do little op 2day 2 remove a little lump, nothin serious but I hav 2 hav general anesthetic don't like it!" she said.

She added: "Guna b in for 8 hours!Guna b a serious sleep! I hate needles, Id rather b punched in da face!

"Wen I wake up I want Nando's, my martina cole book & my ds sittin infront of me!& a BIG capri sun!The b*****s wont let me eat since I woke up."

Tulisa then told fans how she was given Valium for a panic attack.

"Haha doc is givin me valium 2 calm me down cus of my heart palpitations! I'm havin a panick attack! Lool jus is here now tho so I feel beta."

She wrote: "Got my little gown on, never understood y ther open at the back lol cronwell is bangin tho! Got my own little room! Decent menu. Love jelly!

"Ok valium kickin in now time for me 2 rest, da place is spinnin lol, if da fans wana no how it went ultra will let u no.x"

And a few hours later she updated her Twitter to let know fans she had come through the op unscathed and looking forward to a Nando's: "Ny is cutting my chicken! I'm awake but drowsy! Feel woozy."


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