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Vaughn hits out at fame obsession

Matthew Vaughn has hit out at "celebrity culture" - saying it has led to a dearth of talent.

The director said he wanted a US actor for the part played by British star Aaron Johnson in his new film Kick-Ass, but hit a brick wall.

Matthew, husband of supermodel Claudia Schiffer, said too many "kids want to be famous but have no technique or any skill set".

He said: "I'm English and I didn't want to do the reverse Dick Van Dyke of having an English bloke trying to do an American accent and us all thinking it's brilliant and the Americans saying it's not, but I couldn't find an American that was right for the role.

"Sadly one of the things wrong with the culture right now is there's this celebrity culture and all these kids want to be famous but have no technique or any skillset, so all the actors weren't cutting the mustard.

"And Aaron came in, did a fantastic audition and I asked him where he was from, thinking he'd say New York or California, and he said Little Chalfont.

"I was commenting on how good his English accent was and he went 'no I am English' and I went 'well you're good enough for the role because you conned me'. And the American casting director was blown away by his accent as well."

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