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'Beckham's lost his motivation' - Bobby Robson

David Beckham's lack of motivation to continue playing at the highest level prompted his move to America, according to former England manager Bobby Robson.

Robson is convinced the decision of national boss Steve McClaren to overlook the Real Madrid midfielder for the Euro 2008 qualifier in Croatia last October, despite a long injury list, convinced Beckham his days at the top were numbered.

And the 73-year-old believes that was the first step on a road which has eventually led Beckham to LA Galaxy.

"The decision killed Beckham's aspiration and hope and, in my view, led directly to this week's announcement that he is off the United States for a very lucrative semi-retirement," Robson said.

"You have to say now that McClaren was right. Those of us, including myself, who wanted Beckham to be involved did so because we felt he was among England's top 25 players."

"Even if the legs haven't gone, the motivation has," he said.


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