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Actor wins appeal against three-year jail term

A Wicklow actor who was jailed for three years for an assault on a victim who developed a blood clot on his brain and later died, has been successful in having the jail term set aside.

The Court of Criminal Appeal today replaced the three-year term with a two-year suspended sentence so he will not have to serve any time.

Twenty-nine-year-old Darren Healy, of Killegan, Enniskerry, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to assaulting Philip Bryan and causing him harm at Eamon Doran's pub in Temple Bar in June 2005.

The court had heard that doctors were not able to establish whether the blood clot had been caused by Healy's assault on him or by his subsequent fall to the ground, when he hit his head on a step.

Healy appealed the three-year jail term and today the three-judge Court of Criminal Appeal said the judge had acted incorrectly in sentencing and found that there was no intention on Healy's part to cause serious harm.


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