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At least one Irish national shot in Marbella

One of three men shot in a nightclub in Marbella, Spain by a lone assailant late last night, is understood to be an Irish national according to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

It is understood that the lone gunman whose face was concealed, shot and injured the three men before running from the club and making off in a waiting car.

It is thought that the incident may be related to a drugs feud involving rival gangs in the resort town.

Two of those injured who are 45 and 73 years of age, have been treated for superficial injuries while a third man is expected to remain in hospital overnight.

Reporter Bill Bond in Madrid has said the police are refusing to reveal any specific details concerning their inquiries.

'They are being very tight on information but they have confirmed the shooting of the three men and they say that they have found a vehicle which is suspicious.

'The assumption is, that it was the vehicle used by a hooded man to get away after firing the shots,' he said.


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