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McDowell: Fragmented opposition would take country into a 'slump'

The Progressive Democrats are expected to reveal more details today about their plans to reduce income tax.

Speaking at the party's national conference last night, PD leader Michael McDowell proposed cuts in both the standard and higher tax rates.

He pledged to cut them to 18 and 38 per cent respectively over the term of the next government.

The Tanaiste also attacked the opposition, warning voters against electing what he described as a weaker alternative in the upcoming election:

"If Ireland sleepwalks into electing a Dail in which the balance of power is held by an incoherent patchwork of incompatible parties that Dail would end up with a makeshift, confused and fragmented government," he said.

"There would be no clear mandate for possibility of success. Ireland will sleepwalk into a slump."


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