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Poll shows confidence in Taoiseach falling

Confidence in the Taoiseach is falling.

According to a new poll in the Sunday Independent, confidence in Brian Cowen has dropped by 5 points in the last month.

This poll, which was carried out by Quantum Research, indicates that the Taoiseach's popularity is suffering over the summer months.

Confidence in Brian Cowen now stands at 34%, with the biggest drops in support among men and rural voters.

Support for the Fianna Fail party as a whole is also down 6 points, while Fine Gael and Labour can take some encouragement from increases in support of 2 and 3% respectively.

The poll does deliver a small bit of good news for the government - if another Lisbon treaty referendum was held, 44% of those surveyed say they would vote no, a drop of 8% since the last poll a month ago.


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