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Clegg to outline reform progress

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will reveal the progress made in his constitutional reform ambitions when he addresses Parliament on Monday.

Speaking at the Hay Festival in Mid Wales, Mr Clegg said he would detail some of the early developments in his "menu" to change the political system.

He told the audience: "I will be making some announcements tomorrow in the House of Commons about some early progress on the big building blocks in the constitutional reform agenda which is extraordinarily ambitious.

"Reforming the House of Lords has been talked about for one hundred years and we are absolutely determined to do something about it this time.

"Looking at boundaries, looking at the electoral system through a referendum, regulating lobbying, looking at party funding. This is a huge, huge menu.

"Have I worked out exactly how you sequence it? No. But I will be making some announcements tomorrow."

Mr Clegg also told the audience there must be "a presumption of disclosure" with regards to the Chilcot Inquiry and its openness would be the key to determining its legitimacy.

He said: "The battle that needs to be fought is to make sure in the final Chilcot report the presumption is towards real, meaningful, thorough disclosure.

"The acid test for the Chilcot Inquiry for its legitimacy and cathartic value, for a country still trying to grapple to come to terms in the way that we did, is it needs to be fully open.

"I know for a fact they have sought to have access to far more documents that they thought and the challenge is to make sure there is real disclosure when they publish their findings."


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