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Colclough jailed for 10 years

South Dublin youth Finn Colclough has been jailed for ten years for stabbing another youth to death outside his home last year.

The 18-year-old from Waterloo Road in Dublin 4 was convicted of the manslaughter of Sean Nolan (18) outside his house in the early hours of the 26th of May 2007.

Mr Justice Paul Carney in sentencing described as gratuitous the way Finn Colclough armed himself with knives seeking confrontation.

During this trial the court heard Finn Colclough and his two friends met Sean Nolan and two others on Waterloo Road in the early hours of May 26 last year.

Words were exchanged and Colclough and his friends went back to his house.

Sean Nolan's group stayed outside the Colclough house as they were looking for a bottle opener for their wine.

Finn Colclough grabbed two knives from the kitchen and ran out waving them about and shouting at the others to get away from his house.

Sean Nolan stood up to him, there was a struggle and Colclough stabbed him twice.

Mr Nolan's mother Charlotte took the stand and said that seeing her beautiful son lying dead on a hospital trolley was a memory which would haunt her and her family for ever.

Mr Justice Paul Carney said his act of equipping himself with knives and seeking confrontation was gratuitous and the appropriate sentence he said was 10 years.


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