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Court rejects application for extradition of Roisin McAliskey to Germany

A court in the North has rejected an application for the extradition of Roisin McAliskey to Germany.

The German authorities had wanted her to face trial for the attempted murder of British soldiers at a British army barracks in Osnabruck eleven years ago.

The judge said the British home secretary's 1998 ruling, that she was unfit to face trial on medical grounds, pertained to the present time.

Ms McAliskey's lawyers had argued that to extradite her would "be an abuse of process as that application had failed".

They said it would be unjust and oppressive to grant the extradition of what they called a "fragile woman with an appalling history of post traumatic stress disorder".

This refers to evidence given by her mother - former MP Bernadette Devlin - of the mental trauma she still suffers after a failed loyalist murder bit on the family home in 1981 when she was aged nine.


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