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Dublin man jailed for 12 years over Blanchardstown killing

A 32-year-old Dublin man has been jailed for 12 years for the brutal killing of a 29-year-old father-of-one after a row in a pub in Blanchardstown over five years ago.

Pierce Byrne, of Hazelwood Cresent in Hartstown, Dublin 15, admitted attacking John Murphy with a pick-axe handle at Sheepmore Grove in Blanchardstown in April 2002.

Terence Keogh, of Pine Brook, Blanchardstown, was jailed for 9 years in 2005 for his part in the attack.

The court heard that a row broke out in the Buddha Bar in Blanchardstown that night after an allegation of child molestation was made.

Keogh and Pierce Byrne chased John Murphy and his brother Marc with a pick-axe handle to Sheepmore Grove, where the brothers were savagely beaten.

The attack on the deceased lasted five minutes, the court heard, and he died in hospital some time later.

The dead man's brother, Derek Murphy, said John stood no chance and it was a miracle they didn't also have to bury Marc that week.

He said that, at one stage during the attack, Marc heard one killer ask another "to let him have a go" as they were beating the life out of him.

Pierce Byrne fled to the UK, but handed himself into the authorities and was extradited back here in 2005.

Today, Mr Justice Paul Carney jailed him for 12 years.


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