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Evidence continues in Meg Walsh murder trial

A witness has told the trial of John O'Brien that he saw the accused a number of days after his wife went missing, near the housing estate where the blood-stained pieces of her car mat and spare-wheel cover were disposed of.

Eugene Aylward was giving evidence at the trial of the 41-year-old, from Ballinakill Downs in Waterford city, who denies murdering 35-year-old Meg Walsh in October 2006.

Mr Aylward said he got to know John O'Brien and Meg Walsh through socialising in the Woodlands Hotel.

He said that, on Saturday, October 7th, six days after Meg disappeared, he was driving by the entrance to the Sycamores housing estate in Waterford

He said he saw John O'Brien emerging from a car park beside the estate.

He was 100% sure it was John O'Brien and he saw a dark-coloured car there also.

Sergeant Patrick J Murphy has told the trial that, during a search of that estate the following day, he found a piece of a car mat under the trees.

He said it was blood-stained and there were hairs and sand on it.

Two days later, around three feet away, he said he found a triangular piece of timber.

The court has already heard that Meg Walsh's blood was found on the piece of car mat and the cutaway section of the spare wheel cover.

The court has been told that the Gardai searched that area on hearing that there had been a sighting of John O'Brien there.


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