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Horror as drain cleaner explodes

A grandmother has described her horror when a drain cleaner exploded, causing burns across her face.

Sheila Insch had bought the Extreme Green's Dr Drain from B&Q's Hedge End store to clear a blockage in the kitchen sink of her home in Netley Abbey, Hampshire.

But after following the instructions and pouring two drops of the substance down the drain, the liquid exploded and sprayed across Mrs Insch's face, causing her burns which needed hospital treatment.

Doctors at Southampton General Hospital told her that it was only because of her quick-thinking to keep her eyes closed that her sight was saved.

Mrs Insch said: "I read the instructions and put two drops in, we hadn't used any other product that day, only the plunger.

"It started to bubble so I turned round to see what was happening and it exploded, it hit the ceiling and went straight into my face.

"I just grabbed something to wipe my face and I kept my eyes closed as my eyes are very valuable to me. I kept washing my face all the way to hospital. It was terribly painful, burning, it hurt.

"The doctor said my quick actions saved my face but he said I can't go out in the sun for a year."

Rodney Donmall, head chemist for Extreme Green Limited, said they were helping Trading Standards with an investigation into the product.

He said that, if used correctly, Dr Drain was safe and the product carried sufficient warnings.


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