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Judgement due in damages claim by Cork prisoner

Judgement is due today in the case of a former Cork Prison inmate who has sued the State for damages for the conditions he endured while in jail.

Troy Cremin, of Palm Springs, Ardarrig in Douglas, claims the State was negligent in its treatment of him as he had to slop out and endure passive smoking.

The judgement will lead the way for dozens of other former prisoners across the country who are considering similar claims.

Troy Cremin claims his constitutional and human rights were violated by passive smoking and slopping out.

He was sentenced to Cork Prison between October 2004 and February 2005 for harassing a neighbour.

The 29-year-old says he suffered emotional distress and unnecessary anxiety by the Stone Age conditions in the jail and is now seeking damages from the State for the way he was treated.

The State has vigorously denied Mr Cremin's claims and insisted that the plaintiff was treated in a fair, just and reasonable manner at all times while in prison.


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