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Lithuanian man admits attempted murder of French woman

A Lithuanian man has pleaded guilty to attempting to murder a French woman by stabbing her and drawing a knife across her throat twice at her apartment complex in May 2005.

Twenty-nine-year-old Aleksejus Belousovas, with an address on the North Circular Road in Dublin, changed his plea this afternoon on the second day of his trial.

He had already pleaded guilty to attempting to rob her, and to recklessly causing her serious harm on the same day.

Barbara Rouiall, a marketing student who was 23 at the time, was letting herself into her apartment block in Bertram Court, Dublin 8, after a day at college.

She noticed a man behind her. He was taking out a knife, which he put to her throat.

There was a struggle and she was forced to the ground, he stabbed her in the right shoulder and then drew the knife across her throat, cutting her deeply.

When he realised she was still alive, he twisted her neck, so she pretended to be dead.

He threw her under the stairs. A neighbour came to her help and emergency surgery saved her life.

Alex Belousovas had admitted being there, but denied it was attempted murder.

He changed his plea today, however, and is due to be sentenced tomorrow, when the court will hear what effect the ordeal has had on Ms Rouiall.


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