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New babies join zoo kangaroo family

Belfast Zoo was celebrating the arrival of two early Christmas presents after a pair of bouncing baby kangaroos were delivered.

The zoo's red kangaroo, Randalph, is busy with two new family additions, Dancer and Prancer.

The joeys were born to two females which came to Belfast Zoo from Parc Zoologique de Paris in January this year.

The babies only recently emerged from their mothers' pouches.

Curator Alyn Cairns said: "Over the past few months it has been great to monitor the joeys' development, and see the whole group settle in well together.

"We are delighted to see the young kangaroos out of their pouches, and new mums Darling and Ruby are doing well.

"The two babies are a healthy and energetic pair and love exploring their surroundings. They are a great animal to watch."

Zoo staff said the young red kangaroos have been in their mother's pouch for around 235 days.

At birth the babies weighed a mere 0.75 grams (0.03oz) and faced a journey through their mother's fur to find the pouch, where they attach themselves to a teat for the next 70 days of development.

The baby's head starts to appear from the pouch at around 150 days.


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