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Newspaper barred from printing sex offender's photo

A judge in the North has barred a newspaper from publishing photographs of a convicted sex offender.

He said publication would have disrupted his private life and he had a right to privacy.

Mr Justice Stephens ruled the Sunday Life newspaper cannot publish photographs of convicted sex offender Kenneth Callaghan, aged 40.

He was sentenced to life 10 years ago for bludgeoning Carol Jane Gouldie, 21, and sexually assaulting her as she lay dying at her Belfast home.

During a pre-release scheme, Callaghan brought the action against the newspaper group after he discovered it intended to publish photographs of him.

The judge said there was no evidence a photo would lead to a real and immediate risk to his life, but the paper's articles had been hostile and lacked balance and a photo would disrupt his home, his private life and his family.


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