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Pupils in suspected Valium overdose

A group of young school students have been rushed to hospital after taking a suspected Valium overdose on the last day of term.

Ten pupils, aged 13 to 15, began vomiting at St George of England High School in Bootle, Liverpool, on Wednesday morning.

Paramedics were called to the site and the pupils were taken to hospital.

It is thought they were showing symptoms similar to a Diazepam overdose after taking the anxiety drug.

Merseyside Police arrested a 13-year-old girl and a woman, aged 44, who were later bailed pending further investigations.

The children were released from hospital, said a Merseyside Police spokesman, adding: "Officers worked closely with school staff throughout the incident to identify all the pupils involved.

"Each pupil that is believed to have been involved has been spoken to and assessed by medical staff.

"However, if any parents have concerns that their children are experiencing drowsiness, vomiting or any other unusual symptoms they should contact NHS Direct on 0845 46 47."

Superintendent Julie Cooke, said: "This was a serious incident. The school acted very quickly, together with the emergency services, to ensure the safety and well being of the pupils involved."

Peter Dowd, deputy chief of Sefton Council which runs the school, said: "This is such a regrettable incident and hopefully it should serve as a warning for young people to steer clear of things of this nature."


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