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Rachel O'Reilly's brother gives evidence at murder trial

One of Rachel O'Reilly's brothers has been giving evidence at the trial of her husband for her murder.

Anthony Callelly said that, on the day in question, he heard his mother tell his father over the phone that she thought Rachel was dead.

Joe O'Reilly, of Baldarragh, the Naul in north Dublin, denies murdering his 30-year-old wife at their home in October 2004.

Rachel's youngest brother said the accused called him that day saying he couldn't make contact with his wife and she hadn't collected their son Adam from the creche.

He said the accused sounded agitated and he and his parents started ringing her mobile and landline, but both rang out.

Rachel's mother offered to go to the house and left at around 2pm.

Shortly afterwards, he overheard his mother on the phone to his father.

He said she was very distressed and was saying she thought Rachel was dead.

Rachel's best friend, Jackie Connor, a nurse, has also taken the stand.

She said she went down to the bedroom where the body was found and there was lots of blood everywhere.

She said there was congealed blood around Rachel's head and quite a gash over her ear.

Her hand was cold and she wasn't breathing, she said.


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