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TV licence dodger numbers revealed

Belfast is the sixth worst place in the UK for television licence dodgers, figures reveal.

Some 6,500 people were caught watching TV in the city last year without paying the fee.

But Dungannon, Co Tyrone, had the highest rate of offenders in Northern Ireland after 1,227 people, 11% of the population, were found without a licence.

Deborah King, TV Licensing spokeswoman, said the number of people caught had increased on the previous year.

"We work hard to catch those who attempt to cheat the system," she said.

"These figures demonstrate that there really is no hiding place for TV licence evaders, and we continue to be highly effective at catching them."

More than 417,000 people were caught by officials across the UK with 20,070 people in Northern Ireland facing the prospect of fines up to £1,000.

Inspectors, who use a database of 30 million addresses to track suspected offenders, said about 95% of households pay the £142.50 for the licence fee.

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