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Urban foxes 'a matter for councils'

Dealing with urban foxes is a matter for local authorities, the Government has said in the wake of the mauling of twin baby girls in their family home.

Nine-month-old Lola and Isabella Koupparis were found covered in blood after a fox went into their upstairs bedroom and attacked them in their cots in Hackney, east London, earlier this month.

Junior environment minister Lord Henley said that the event had heightened public concern about urban foxes and he sent the Government's sympathies to the Koupparis family.

But he added: "Local authorities have powers to control urban foxes and are best placed to decide how and when to apply those powers."

At question time in the Lords Tory Baroness Sharples said: "On the way to the Underground the other day I saw a fox running into the Commons.

"Common-sense should prevail because the fox is a predator and also a wild animal. People should not feed them. A number of people do feed them and if they were to stop feeding them perhaps then the vixen would not have so many cubs to rear."

Lord Henley replied: "If less food was left around we would have less of a problem with urban foxes."


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