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Worker jailed after 'chicken licking' incident caught on video

A shelf-stacker has been jailed after an alleged "chicken licking" incident at a supermarket.

Adeel Ayub was believed to have licked the frozen poultry before putting it back on the shelf in an incident caught on mobile phone footage by co-workers.

The video clip was later leaked to the press and appeared on YouTube. He was later arrested by the police.

The 30-year-old, who worked at Asda in Fulwood, Preston, later pleaded guilty to five counts of criminal damage, between August 2005 and September 2008.

They relate to destroying a fire extinguisher, furniture, food stock and damaging clothing at the store.

Ayub, of Spinney Brow, Ribbleton, Preston, admitted stamping on the chicken but denied he licked it and this did not form part of the charges.

He was jailed at Preston Magistrates' Court for 56 days on each of the five counts, to run concurrently, according to a spokeswoman for the court.

Manny Anwar-Qureshi, the defendant's solicitor, said: "It was intended as a prank. There was no maliciousness intended and it should be noted that the public seems to be under the mistaken impression that Mr Ayub licked the chicken and then put it back for resale.

"The chicken was not licked and the wrapping was damaged which would have rendered it unsaleable. The family and indeed the members of public in the courtroom were deeply surprised at the sentencing that was passed by the magistrates.

"In passing sentence the magistrates appeared to have little or no consideration of the mitigation and raised matters in the sentencing comments which did not appear in the evidence or in the submissions of the prosecution or defence. We are currently liaising with the family as to whether they intend to appeal."


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