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Three dead after train crash in southern Bangkok

Three people were killed and around 60 injured when two passenger trains collided south of Bangkok near a beach resort town.

The accident happened before dawn local time when a Bangkok-bound train took the wrong track and hit an oncoming train head-on just outside of the resort town of Hua Hin, said Wichai Choochumporn, a railway official.

Among the injured passengers were an Italian man and a German woman, both of whom were treated for minor injuries, he said.

Initial investigations showed that the Bangkok-bound train ignored a red light when it took the wrong track, but investigations were under way, Wichai said.

The other train had departed from Bangkok and was heading to the southern city of Yala.

Four passenger cars derailed from the impact. The victims were a female train employee and an engineer, and a third person whose identity was not immediately known, officials at Hua Hin hospital said.


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