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Male escort 'sold Boy George story to leave the country', court told

A male escort who claimed he was chained up and beaten by Boy George sold his story to a magazine because he wanted money to leave the country, a court heard today.

Audun Carlsen, 29, has told Snaresbrook Crown Court that the singer beat him to the floor, handcuffed him and threatened to give him ``what you deserve''.

The court heard today that Mr Carlsen - who is Norwegian - earned £5,500 from a Norwegian magazine for an interview he gave about the incident.

Asked why he did not tell police officers who spoke to him on May 2, 2007, that just days earlier - and days after the alleged attack - he had met with a reporter.

He said: ``I told the police everything that I had received when the story came out.''

He denied that he had not been ``straightforward''.

He said: ``The reason I gave this interview was because of all the things that were written, for the sake of my family.''

He said he wanted the money because he was ``too scared to stay in the country'' and wanted to go to Germany for some months. Yesterday the court heard Mr Carlsen's account of two meetings with the 46-year-old pop star and DJ.

The pair made contact on the Gaydar website, a social networking site primarily for gay and bisexual men. The court heard that they arranged to meet for a pornographic photoshoot during which they took cocaine.

Prosecuting barrister Heather Norton said that the meeting seemed to be going well until the singer - who is being tried under his real name, George O'Dowd - started to suspect Mr Carlsen of hacking into his computer.

But they parted on good terms and the singer paid the younger man £300 of the £400 they had agreed, the court heard.

In the weeks that followed they exchanged emails in which the singer accused Mr Carlsen of breaking into his computer system. But O'Dowd eventually confessed that he would like to see the younger man again, saying: ``I would be perfectly happy to see you naked ASAP.''

It was during the second meeting in April 2007 that things took a violent turn, Mr Carlsen told the court. After calling Mr Carlsen into his bedroom the 29-year-old claims that O'Dowd and another man leapt on him, wrestled him to the floor and started beating him.

He told the court that he was dragged along the floor towards the bed and a manacle was put on his right hand and attached to a hook drilled in the wall.

The second man left, Mr Carlsen told the court, and O'Dowd fetched a plastic box containing chains, sex toys and leather straps.

Mr Carlsen told the court that he had been able, using the handcuffs as a tool, to unscrew the hook from the wall. He ran to the door with O'Dowd pursuing him, lashing out with a metal chain.

He managed to escape, he told the court, and ran out on to the street in just his underwear screaming for help.

O'Dowd, of Shoreditch, east London, denies one charge of false imprisonment.


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