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NATO soldier killed in roadside blast in weekend violence

A roadside blast killed one Nato soldier and wounded eight others today.

The explosion came the day after Nato and Afghan troops battled a large group

of insurgents who attacked a military base in southern Afghanistan, killing 55

suspected militants.

Yesterday's fighting in Uruzgan province was a day after an international

human rights group criticised Nato-led troops in Afghanistan.

The New York-based Human Rights Watch said the troops tactics increasingly endangered civilians and have turned the population against the Western alliance.

Nato's top commander apologised for civilian deaths caused by fighting between

Taliban militants and Nato forces earlier in the week, but said insurgents

endanger civilians by hiding among them.

``Sadly, in asymmetric warfare, when you're battling an insurgency, typically

the insurgents do not play by the same rules that we would like to play by,'' US

General James Jones said.


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