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Baby born on flight dies in Jamaican hospital

A baby who was born on a flight en route to Miami died at a hospital in

Jamaica, a consulate official said.

The boy had weighed 3lbs, said Paola Byles, an honorary consul to the Peruvian

Embassy in Jamaica who helped the Spanish-speaking mother once she arrived.

Ms Byles said she did not know the cause of death. It was unclear if the

mother, a 19-year-old woman from Ecuador, delivered prematurely.

The mother, who has been released from hospital, apparently did not know she

was pregnant and began complaining of stomach cramps when the flight left

Guayaquil, Ecuador, said airline spokeswoman Minnette Velez.

Cabin crew on the American Airlines flight moved her to first class once they

realised she was having a baby, Ms Velez said.

A doctor who was a passenger on the plane delivered the baby with help from a

first-aid kit and plenty of water and towels, Ms Velez said.

The plane was then rerouted to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where it dropped off

mother and child before continuing to Florida, she said.

The baby was taken to the Cornwall Regional Medical Hospital in Jamaica, but

officials there refused to comment.


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