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World's tallest man looks for love

The world's tallest man, 8ft 1in towering Turk, has said it is high time he found love. But finding the right girl is proving a tall order.

Guinness World Records unveiled Sultan Kosen as the tallest human on the planet back in September.

At the time he said he was hoping his new-found fame would bring him love for the first time. He has since toured the world and been interviewed for countless television shows, newspapers and magazines.

In Greece - one of his favourite countries - he met Betty Kourakou, a top model, as well as Petroula Kostidou, who delivers the weather forecast in her underwear. He also starred on a daytime chatshow where the audience was was made up of beautiful models who were all between 1.85m and 1.90m tall. But alas, his search for true love continues.

"My quest is ongoing," he said. "I still haven't found a girlfriend. I had a fantastic time (on tour), especially in Greece, because I met a nice Greek girl called Dora, but no contact since."

On the up side, women have responded well to his celebrity status.

"They love me," he said. "Prior to being the record holder, they never gave me any importance, but now they show a lot of interest... although I'm not sure if their intentions are serious."

When it comes to the qualities he is looking for, Mr Kosen does not seem to set the bar too high.

"Nice looking, honest and with a clean heart - this is enough," he said. "Her height isn't important."


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