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399 BBC laptops 'lost or stolen'

Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of laptops, tablets and mobiles were lost or stolen from the BBC in the last three years, official figures show.

A total of 785 devices have gone missing during that period, according to data released under the Freedom of Information Act.

Since 2010, staff at the corporation have mislaid or reported stolen 399 laptops, 39 tablets and 347 mobiles costing up to £761,100, according to the figures.

The statistics showed a sharp rise in the theft of laptops and tablets in the past three years.

In 2010, 69 laptops were reported stolen but that figure had almost trebled by last year, to 195.

The theft of tablets during the same timeframe jumped from six to 22.

Significantly more laptops and tablets were reported stolen than lost, the data showed.

Last year, 11 were said to have been misplaced, compared with the 195 that were said to have been taken from BBC staff.

For mobile phones, the figures were much closer - last year 61 devices were stolen and 57 lost.

A BBC spokesman said: "We are very mindful that this equipment is paid for from the Licence Fee and we make every effort to keep theft and loss to a minimum. The BBC has implemented a number of measures to reduce the level of crime."


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