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£78,000 for passport office rebrand

Nearly £80,000 of taxpayers' money was spent changing the name of Britain's passport issuing office, Immigration Minister Mark Harper has revealed.

Mr Harper said £78,600 was spent on rebranding after the name was changed from Identity and Passport Office to Her Majesty's Passport Office earlier this year.

In response to a parliamentary question from Labour's former immigration spokesman Chris Bryant, Mr Harper said: "Her Majesty's Passport Office undertook rebranding in line with all Government departments and agencies following the new HM government corporate Identity requirements, which are designed to provide a cohesive, cost-effective and consistent approach to Government branding.

"In line with the rebranding Her Majesty's Passport Office took the opportunity to change its name from "Identity and Passport Office". The cost of this was £78,600".

At the time of the May rebrand Mr Harper said it represented a "golden opportunity" for the passport service to "formally to recognise in its title the integral role of the Crown".

The move was also designed to distance the Government from Labour's scrapped identity cards policy.

A press release announcing the change read: "It also marks a watershed moment in the agency's departure from its association with the National Identity Service and ID cards".

Mr Bryant was not available for comment.


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