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999 call over spider in bath

Police have released a recording of a 48-year-old woman who dialled 999 to alert emergency operators to the presence of a "big spider" in her bath-tub.

The caller, who claimed the incident was a life or death emergency, made the inappropriate call to Derbyshire Constabulary from a family home in the Chaddesden area of Derby.

Another call to the force, released to discourage members of the public from misusing the 999 system, saw a woman from Duffield report problems in booking a hair appointment.

Inspector Dave Kirby, of the force's contact management department, said: "I would urge people to take a moment to think which number is the most suitable one to ring before calling the police.

"It should be clear as to what constitutes a real emergency situation.

"By ringing 999 when your call isn't an emergency, you tie up call-handlers whose time could be better spent dealing with situations where a life is in danger or a crime is in progress."


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