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Asteroid mining 'not just fantasy'

Is asteroid mining a job for the future? Apparently so, according to a space scientist.

Space computer game EVE: Online uses the concept within its fantasy universe.

And at a festival celebrating the game in Reykjavik, a Nasa scientist spoke on the future of space technology and how things that were once thought impossible, may not be as far fetched as we think.

According to Les Johnson, solar sails are the next big thing in space flight. They're essentially like sails on a ship but made of metal and designed to harness the power of the sun.

So, we are not going to see people visiting asteroids to mine for resources any time soon - but Les is confident that with a lot of hard work, it may one day become a reality.

Les Johnson is also a popular author and his latest book called Harvesting Space for a Greener Earth is out now.


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