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Banksy targets hotel with artwork

World-famous graffiti artist Banksy has tagged a hotel, it has emerged.

The artist, whose identity remains a closely guarded secret, painted an image of a young boy drawing a robot on the side of the Grosvenor Hotel, in Belgrave Road, Torquay, Devon.

The 8ft-high piece of artwork was discovered by the hotel owners last week.

Nav Patel, whose family run the hotel, said: "We woke up last Monday morning and it was there. At first we thought it was local graffiti but then a couple of people said it could be one of Banksy's.

"Then Banksy fan Irene Hall came to visit and said it was an original.

"We've boarded it up to protect it and then will put Perspex around it so that people can see it.

"I'm amazed how he did it. The wall faces the street and the hotel is on the main road near the police station.

"We've got police cars coming past every few minutes and you never get any graffiti round here."

Mr Patel added that the hotel was for sale and he hoped the new owners would keep the mural.

Banksy, who is believed to be from Bristol, does not verbally confirm the mural is one of his - but has placed a photograph of it on - his official website.


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