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Bear well-behaved in police custody

Police in southern Oregon held an unlikely suspect overnight - a well-behaved black bear cub.

Police chief Don Brown said a teenage boy and his parents brought the cub to the police station in a large plastic storage bin after they found it whimpering in bushes outside their home in the town of Myrtle Creek. He said the mother bear was nowhere in sight.

Mr Brown said it was still dangerous to pick up the cub, because the mother could have spotted him and attacked.

The cub was "very well behaved" while spending the night at the station, he said.

Police and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials looked for the cub's mother using a device that mimics a cub distress call, but could not find her.

Oregon is home to 25,000 to 30,000 black bears.

Myrtle Creek has an abundance of wildlife, but "nobody has brought in a bear in the last nine years I've been here", the police chief added.


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