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Britons watching TV in the toilet

Nearly one in five people uses a smartphone to watch television in the toilet, a report has revealed.

The study found Britons spend more than one day a week enjoying programmes and movies. They factor around 24.3 hours of viewing into their weekly routines, increasingly watching programmes on the go, the study showed.

It found 16% of consumers use their smartphones in the bathroom and 10% of people watch shows on a tablet in the toilet.

The study of global viewing habits across 17 countries showed the average viewer watches 19 hours of television and six hours of film content a week.

These figures are highest in the US - where consumers spend about 29 hours watching programmes and movies - and lowest in Sweden and Japan, with around 17 hours on average.

Further findings suggest almost a third (29%) of weekly TV viewing is recorded content. However, almost a third of recorded content is never watched.

Live viewing still dominates, particularly when it comes to news programmes, the study showed. Some 73% of people watch shows as they air, the report found.

The study - which questioned 9,500 people in December - also pointed towards a shift in household viewing habits. It found more consumers watch content on their smartphones or tablets than on a television in their bedrooms while 79% of consumers are frustrated with a lack of storage space on their devices, according to the report.

John Burke, of Motorola Mobility which conducted the study, said: "This year's study shows us that consumers take their viewing experiences very seriously.

"They want to be firmly in control of the way they experience their videos but they're frustrated. Increasingly, they're using tablets and smartphones to view their content, and they expect this experience to transition seamlessly across their favourite programmes, whenever and wherever they like."


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