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Brits love their quirky activities

Snorkelling in a bog or rolling around in mud might not be everyone's idea of fun.

But these activities are just some of the UK's charming, if slightly unusual, traditions.

The World Bog Snorkelling Championships take place every August Bank Holiday in Wales. Snorkels and flippers are compulsory.

On dry land, the world worm charming championships take place in Cheshire every summer.

Worm charmers are allocated a plot of land and use music and a garden fork to 'charm' as many worms to the surface as possible .

While most of us prefer to eat cheese, some prefer to roll.

The world famous cheese rolling contest at Cooper's Hill in Gloucester has run unofficially since being stopped in 2009 for health and safety reasons.

Previous injuries include broken arms, legs and backs - and no doubt a few bruises.

At the Maldon Mud Race, people get down and dirty for charity. Entrants run through thick, wet and cold mud for 500 metres over the river Blackwater in Essex.

And finally, the world gravy wrestling championships takes place in Lancashire, usually on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

As well as points for soaking your opponent in the slippery stuff, there are extra points for the loudest applause, raising the biggest laugh and best costume.

So there you have it we might not be the best at football but we certainly know how to chase a Cheddar, grapple in gravy and snorkel in sludge.


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