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Budget hotel's unusual requests

A hotel chain has revealed some of the bizarre requests customers ask its staff.

They include someone asking "How do I cross Spaghetti Junction to get to the Balti Triangle?", "Can you get me a real stag for my friend's stag night?" and "Do you offer a sleep sitting service, so that someone can watch over me as I tend to sleep walk?"

Travelodge revealed the strange requests that it has received from people staying in one of its 513 hotels during the last year.

The budget hotel group said that on average staff received around 200,000 strange requests during the year - equalling roughly one request per hotel every day of the week.

This year's list of revelations has revealed the continuing trend for Britons wanting to travel with their pets - despite how strange their travelling companion may be.

A couple visiting Gloucestershire rang the Gloucester Travelodge hotel in advance of their stay and asked if their pet hen Gladys could stay with them - as they will only eat fresh eggs for breakfast laid by her and for that reason she always travels with them.

One customer who was staying at Birmingham Airport Travelodge asked the reception team if they could find a local hairdresser who could come out to style her Afghan hound Betsy's hair.

A guest at Perth Travelodge asked if the hotel's pet policy included a pair of llamas.

Other strange customer requests have included one guest staying at Chelmsford Travelodge hotel asking the housekeeper if she could arrange for her bath to be filled with fresh milk - so that she could bathe in it, like Cleopatra.

At Birmingham Bullring Travelodge hotel, the reception team received a call late one evening from a business customer asking if it was possible for someone to go into his room and lie in his bed in order to warm it up for him.

The hotel manager at Oxford Peartree Travelodge was put on the spot when he was asked by a male customer if he could borrow his wedding ring as his best man had lost his rings and he was getting married within the hour.

Shakila Ahmed, from Travelodge, said: "Annually our hotel teams receive around 200,000 bizarre requests.

"Our staff will always try their utmost to accommodate all customer requests but occasionally there are just some requests that we just can't help with, such as stopping it snowing and finding a stag."


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