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Car thieves steal Viking weapons

Thieves have stolen a car containing Viking armour and weapons.

Leicestershire Police said a number of Viking swords, axes, helmets and chainmail armour were in the car when it was taken.

One of the axes among the items, which were used for Viking re-enactment, is six feet long.

The red Nissan Micra was stolen from Latimer Street in Leicester between 10:30pm on Saturday and 1.15pm today.

PC James Highton, who is investigating the incident, said: "The car contained a number of Viking swords, axes, helmets and chainmail amour which combined are worth nearly as much as the car.

"It's highly likely the thief had no idea what the Micra contained. Therefore we're keen to speak to anyone who has any information about people who has recently come to possess this kind of specialist clothing or indeed is selling it in suspicious circumstances.

"One of the axes is six feet long - not the kind of thing you would expect to find in your average toolkit. Aside from the inconvenience of losing his vehicle, the victim has also lost a considerable number of specialist items that are not easily replaced."


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