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Car wash poll - Scots keen to clean

When it comes to washing cars, Scottish drivers are squeaky clean while those in southern England are the dirty rascals, according to a survey.

As many as 60% of Scots clean their cars at least once a month - the best rate in the UK, the survey by car wash company IMO showed.

In contrast, only 45% of motorists in southern England give their vehicle a monthly wash - below the national average of 49%.

Women worry less about their car's appearance than men, with only 44% of female drivers washing their car monthly compared with 52% of men.

The poll, involving 1,139 UK motorists, also revealed that car owners in northern England were the least concerned about what others thought of them, with only 35% cleaning their cars to make a good impression on others.

Those keenest to do the job themselves are Midlanders, with 63% of them doing their own car cleaning.

Based on age, those most likely to get their hands dirty are motorists aged 65 and over, with only 29% considering cost a factor in getting someone else to clean their car and nearly half reckoning it was quicker to do it themselves.

Overall, 55% of drivers washed their car themselves.

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