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Cat rescued from 90ft viaduct ledge

A cat stranded on a viaduct 90ft (27m) off the ground for three days has been rescued.

The animal was spotted by a member of public on a ledge above Stockport on Wednesday.

It seemed reluctant to be saved but was eventually brought down by a cherry picker today.

RSPCA inspector Heather Morris said: "He was 90ft off the ground and 5ft (1.5m) down from the top of the viaduct so it was a very difficult situation, made more difficult by the fact that it was dark.

"On initial assessment the risks involved to rescuers in trying to reach the cat were too great. In the light of day though, and after thoroughly exploring the options available, it was decided to go up on one of the fire service's hydraulic platforms. The cat wouldn't come to us so the next option was to secure a cat trap up there.

"My colleagues were checking back throughout the afternoon but unfortunately he just would not get in. Thankfully, when we attended this morning, he was safe and secure inside."

The cat was brought down by Ms Morris, aided by officers from Stockport fire station, at about 12.30pm.

"This rescue would have been impossible without the assistance of the fire service and we're extremely grateful to them for all they did to get this cat down safely," she said.

Fire station manager Chris Mycock said: "We worked with the RSPCA and used our hydraulic platform to bring the cat down to safety.

"We generally don't attend cat rescues unless there could be potential risk to life, whether that be a member of the public or someone from the RSPCA or another partner agency.

"Although the RSPCA is more than capable of rescuing animals sometimes, like in this case, they didn't have the right equipment to be able to reach them."

The cat has been taken to RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital to be checked over by a vet.

The charity is now appealing for the pet's owner to come forward so they can be reunited. The cat is described as a grey and white entire male and is wearing a light-blue velvety collar with no bell.

Anyone who thinks he may belong to them should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for Ms Morris or call RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital direct on 0300 123 0711.


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