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Chefs create 1,543lb Christmas cake

Chefs have created what they believe is the largest Christmas cake ever baked in the UK.

Measuring a massive 18ft (5.5m) by 9ft (2.7ft) and weighing in at 1,543lb (700kg), the iced fruit cake took seven days to make.

Ten chefs used ingredients including 1,400 eggs, 110lb (50kg) of flour and sugar and numerous cherries and raisins to create the cake.

A further 397lb (180kg) of chocolate was used to make the edible decorations which finish off the masterpiece.

Chef Darshan Choudhari, who works at Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham, said: "I'm really pleased with it. I couldn't have done it without the team. It took three weeks to plan and we've worked on it for the last seven days."

Luis Wilson-Wolfe, manager of the restaurant, said: "I was shocked by just how big the cake was when finished. We struggled as a team to even lift it, then we had to find a table in the restaurant that was big enough and strong enough to take its weight.

The world record for the largest Christmas cake is held by Just Bake (India). The cake, which weighed in at 8,433lb (3,825kg), was a traditional Christmas plum cake and measured 29ft (8.8m) by 19ft (5.8m).


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