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Chips on menu for future minister

An Education Minister today admitted she did not eat school dinners as a lollipop lady helped her reach a nearby chip shop.

Liz Truss reminisced about her youth and confessed pupils benefited from the "special" helper used by her primary school at lunchtimes.

The Government pledged to introduce free school meals for e very five to seven-year-old in England in an announcement made by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

The policy is an attempt to improve the health of pupils while also raising their performance in school.

Speaking during a debate on teaching assistants, South West Norfolk MP Ms Truss said: " I didn't actually eat school dinners at my primary school.

"There was a chip shop over the road and the school provided a special lollipop lady to take us to the chip shop at lunchtime instead.

"So I didn't avail myself with the services of the school dinnerladies at the time, but lollipop ladies were also a very important part of our school infrastructure."

Shadow education minister Kevin Brennan also told the debate he had no choice but to eat school dinners as his mother was a dinner lady.

He said: " There are certain disadvantages, however, to having a mother as a dinner lady - particularly if you go to that primary school, which meant despite my very picky eating ways I was forced and embarrassed into eating my school dinners every day, whether I liked it or not."


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