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Circus man juggles into record book

A circus performer has beaten his own record by juggling three footballs with his hands, while keeping another up with his feet, all while balanced on a giant football.

Zhora, who is a football juggler with The Moscow State Circus, managed to flick the ball from foot to foot 38 times while juggling the balls and keeping his balance, a circus spokeswoman Irina Archer said.

The record attempt took place today inside the Moscow State Circus big top in Preston Park, Brighton, which is visiting as part of the city's fringe festival.

Director Paul Archer said Zhora's previous record was achieved in London when he flicked the ball between his feet 37 times.

Ms Archer said Zhora had attempted to break his record wearing a Brighton and Hove Albion football shirt but had to take it off when he became too hot.

She said: "He is pleased that he has done it but I think he was a bit frustrated because he did more while he was practising this morning. I think he got a bit nervous."


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