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Councils bid for street signs prize

Councils can qualify for prizes for removing the confusing clutter of street signs from their roads, the Government has announced.

Top town hall action to get rid of unnecessary signage will be rewarded at a ceremony in June, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said.

The awards are part of the Government's drive to cut the number of signs spoiling towns, cities and countryside.

Many local authorities are making good progress in getting rid of clutter from their roads but the Government wants to see more action being taken to make old and confusing signs a thing of the past.

Mr McLoughlin said: "Pointless signs blot our landscape, confuse motorists and are expensive to maintain.

"This new award is about recognising and showcasing the good work being done by local authorities across the country and I urge councils who are taking action to tackle this problem to put themselves forward.

"I want these examples to inspire other councils to improve their streets and public spaces."

Entries are open to local authorities in England who can demonstrate various steps they have taken to make their local roads clutter-free.


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