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Dance row graduate lands dream job

A graduate forced to do a humiliating dance routine during a group interview at an electrical store has bagged his dream job as a result of the publicity.

Alan Bacon, 21, was forced to do a David Brent-style breakdance at the interview for a job at a Currys Megastore in Cardiff, south Wales, last month.

He hit the headlines after revealing how dancing to Daft Punk was deemed an appropriate test of aptitude for the sales assistant position.

Now the song and dance surrounding his treatment has helped get him his dream job in London without resorting to any fancy footwork.

Mr Bacon, who has a degree in documentary, film and TV, has been offered a job with a company which supplies the broadcasting industry with equipment.

He said his new employer, for whom he starts working within the next month, contacted him as a result of the publicity surrounding his case.

"I had an interview on Saturday and the job was confirmed on Monday," he told BBCWales online.

"It's my dream job and I wasn't asked to dance at this interview. We just sat down with a drink and had a chat.

"It was just your normal, average interview and one of my better ones, I think," he added.

"I'll be learning on the job about sales, testing equipment and perhaps I'll even help design new equipment in the future."

Mr Bacon had been job searching without success since graduating from the University of South Wales in July.

When he originally attended the job interview at the Currys outlet in Cardiff he had prepared a five minute talk about his hobbies.

He had gone armed with an array of photographs to illustrate his interest in astronomy when he was asked to get up and dance.


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