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Daredevil spans cathedral towers

An Austrian daredevil has become the first man to walk a tightrope strung between the two towers of St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna's most famous landmark.

Despite strong winds, Christian Waldner made the 164ft crossing - some 197ft - above the ground - not once but four times.

The Tyrolean athlete has specialised in balancing on a so-called slackline, an inch-thick band tightened between two objects.

Like many daring deeds, he said, this one sprang from a joke: "About three or four years ago I was at this place with a good friend and we were joking about setting up a highline here at the Stephansdom. And now, now it's done."

The athlete has already crossed several buildings and peaks on a slackline but the St Stephen's Cathedral was by far his biggest achievement.


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